I am trying to get into the habit of posting answers to questions frequently asked by our families. Many families who are considering domestic adoption want to know if they are obligated to complete their home study with their placing agency. It depends on the agency, but we will never restrict families in this way. We will accept home studies from other licensed agencies and families can give our home studies to other agencies they may be working with. KidsFirst is able to conduct home studies in a very timely manner, and submit them to the family regardless of whether they work with our agency or another agency.

The fee schedule for each placement agency is different. KidsFirst is unique in that we only require a $300 application fee for families in our domestic program. Most other agencies will ask for additional fees at the beginning of the adoption process. Only when a match between a biological family and an adoptive family occurs, does KidsFirst require additional fees. We do not charge anything extra for consulting our families or for initial meetings. We suggest you do the home study and portfolio simultaneously to avoid wasting time. We will also review and provide suggestions regarding portfolios. KidsFirst provides home study services for a total fee of $1,800.00

Please contact us with any other questions or let us know what topics you might be interested in.

Thank You!


AuthorSteven Pecar