We are hoping to collect pictures and stories from our families.  We plan to use these for a variety of things- our website blog, marketing purposes, social media posts, and for sharing at the reunion. Would you be willing to write a story about your adoption experience? You could write 1 paragraph or 10! You can use your names or write it anonymously! You can add a picture or not! We need personal stories about your experience- is there something great you want to share or a hardship that occurred during the process? Did you adopt an older child/sibling group/or a child with special needs? Is there something you wish you had known in the beginning or wisdom you want to share with waiting families?  What was special about your journey?  Do you have parenting suggestions or resources? Fundraising ideas or options? We believe stories from you will help us in working with families in the future. We also think it brings an element of “realness” to what we do for families who are considering adoption or who are waiting to bring their forever family together. We know that the adoption process has ups and downs and that adoptions are becoming more difficult. If you are interested in sharing, we want to hear from you!  Please contact Suzanne at 317-843-2300 or sgee@kidsfirstadoption.com

AuthorSteven Pecar