1. This morning Inna shared heart-warming stories from a family who just returned from Bulgaria for their 1st trip where they met three sisters they will welcome into their family. We are so excited for this family and look forward to welcoming these girls to the United States in a few short months.

2. Last week, Inna and Brooke hosted a lunch and learn session for Indianapolis professionals to learn more about domestic adoption options, including how we work with parents to make an adoption plan before Child Protective Services gets involved. We shared with home-based therapists, nurses, advocates, and case workers.

3. We have a long list of waiting children. These may be children who are older, who are a part of a sibling group, or who have some special need - medical or emotional. All of these children deserve a family. For a full list of our waiting children, visit RainbowKids website. This week, we are featuring three brothers who enjoy sports and are described as adapting well. For more information on any of our waiting children, please contact Inna.

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