Growing your family through adoption involves a lot of change. Change is not always easy, especially for children. Just as you as parents are anxious about the process, so are your children. Adoption specialists offer ways to make a smoother transition while gaining an adopted sibling. Here are a few things to consider:

·         Explain adoption

·         Just as parents are required to take educational courses, children need to be educated, as well.

·         Children need to be prepared. To lessen the risk of being blindsided, frequently remind your children of scenarios that may happen during and after adoption, such as if an adoption fails or if either children have difficulty adjusting to the new family dynamic.

·         Involve your children in the process (decorating the room, pick out new toys/books). Allowing your children to ask the social worker questions helps to involve them in the process, also.

·         Make it clear that they will still have one-on-one time with you.

·         Adoption books for the adopted child and for the siblings


While there a variety of ways parents prefer to make the transition, remember: be honest, include your child, reassure, encourage discussion, prepare for questions, and be ready to adjust.





AuthorSteven Pecar