These 2 young brothers are looking for a forever family.  Could that be you or someone you know?  The younger brother is 7 years of age. He has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is otherwise a generally healthy child. He is in the first grade and does well in school. He is described as active, inquisitive, observant, and having a sense of humor. He enjoys playing with toy cars, singing, and doing crafts. He gets along well with his brother and wants to have a family to call his own.  The older brother is 8 years of age. He is diagnosed with a moderate mental delay with some delay in speech and physical development.  He helps with chores and follows instructions. He rocks himself to sleep as a way of soothing himself.  Staff feel that he will thrive in a family environment with consistent love and attention. He enjoys creating his own toys with various everyday items and likes to play pretend. He is described as sweet, active, and imaginative.  

This adoption will require international travel. We are able to provide many pictures and videos, as well as medical and psychological reports. Please contact KidsFirst today to learn more about these sweet brothers!

AuthorSteven Pecar