Andy is a male child born in September 2013. He is diagnosed with Down syndrome and is overall a healthy child. Andy lives with a foster family and attends a day care center twice a week. In the last few months, Andy has become more curious and active. He waves “hello”, claps to “bravo”, and gives a high five. He enjoys music, watching cartoons. He responds to his name and seeks people who are familiar to him. He walks with assistance, takes off his shoes/socks, and produces various sounds. He says short syllables and understands when spoken to. It has been reported that he has achieved some progress in his general development although this progress is slow. Recently his general progress has been very clearly observed. Feeding Andy takes some more time because if fed too fast, reflux occurs. He eats from a spoon but is not yet independently feeding himself. Andy's adoption will require international travel. KidsFirst is able to provide a detailed medical and psychological report as well as pictures. Interested families should call KidsFirst at 317-843-2300.

AuthorSteven Pecar