Hi Everyone! I am asking you to look at the pictures of waiting children and sibling groups and to think of 1-3 places you can contact to help us spread the word that these children need loving homes and families. Mother's Day is this weekend and I am sure there are a number of women and men who would love an opportunity to parent and to give an opportunity to a child and to themselves! These children might be older, but they equally need mothers and fathers. They need someone to worry about them, to love them, and to share their life with. They need and deserve a bright future! Many families are looking for the opportunity to parent. We can provide pictures, videos, medical history, psychological reports, etc. on most of the children we have waiting for a forever family. Please forward to churches, individuals, and organizations. Please be a part of making a difference in the lives of these children.  Thank you!!  ~Inna~

AuthorSteven Pecar