This friendly little girl will turn 3 years old in October. She is blind (due to congenital eye anomalies) and has congenital anomalies syndrome mainly affecting her face, agenesis of the corpus callosum, colpocephaly, and delayed motor development. She enjoys playing with adults and her peers. She feels comfortable in their company and laughs when jested. She imitates and speaks some basic words. She walks with assistance, drinks from a cup, and uses a spoon. She is calm and smiles when cuddled. Orphanage staff feel that she would thrive in a home environment and with a family who can provide her with love and personal attention. Could that family be yours? Or someone you know?

Her adoption does require international travel. KidsFirst is able to provide medical and psychological reports, pictures, and videos. To inquire, please contact us at 317-843-2300.

AuthorSteven Pecar