This sibling group of 1 sister and 2 brothers are available for international adoption and waiting for a loving, stable home. The siblings must be adopted together; travel to the country is required. The children are 15, 12, and 5. They are physically healthy and have a positive attitude towards their adoption!  They get along well with each other, receive good marks in school, and have good behavior.  The oldest is social, does well in school, and interacts with peers and younger children. She enjoys music, dancing, and watching tv. She loves her brothers very much and feels a parental responsibility towards them. The middle child is friendly, has positive self-esteem, and does well in school. He enjoys sports (mainly football and table tennis), listening to music, and watching tv. The youngest is friendly, non-confrontational, and needs help developing his vocabulary. He completed Kindergarten and has shown an ability to learn new skills and gain knowledge. He enjoys being with his brother and doing whatever he is doing!  He prefers group activities.

Are you or someone you know the parent(s) these children have been dreaming about? Please call KidsFirst to learn more. We are able to provide pictures, videos, medical reports, and psychological reports for this sibling group.

AuthorSteven Pecar