Today, we are featuring a brother and sister who are waiting for international adoption. The children must be adopted together. The male child was born in December 2001. He is healthy and has normal physical and psychological development. He enjoys soccer, folklore music, and dancing. His attention and concentration is well developed. He does well in school and interacts with adults and peers. He is social, maintains friendships, and is emotionally balanced. He expresses himself well, is motivated, and asks for assistance as needed. He keeps his space clean and helps with chores. He has a good bond with his sister and enjoys sharing ideas and events with her. He has good behavior and follows the rules.  The female child was born in December 2003. She is healthy and has normal physical and psychological development. She participates on a basketball team, a group for pop singing, and likes folklore dancing.  At school her poor concentration and distractedness can bring about some difficulties. Whenever an adult helps her, her attention is steady and she does well switching from one stimulus to another. She interacts with her peers and maintains friendships. She is social, helps with chores, and does well in school. There has been a few times where she has taken others’ belongings. She feels guilt and realizes her mistakes. She is headstrong and can have some difficulty with peers at times. She expresses her feelings well and asks for help when needed.

Their adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information, please contact the KidsFirst office at 317-843-2300. We are able to provide pictures, medical and psychological reports, and videos about these children.

AuthorSteven Pecar