Yes! At KidsFirst, we also work with families who are hoping to adopt.  They would like to adopt for a number of different reasons- some are unable to have children, some want to help a child in need, and some feel called to adoption.  But all of the families have something in common, they are excited and ready to grow their family through adoption!

Our adoptive families come from all walks of life. They are active in their communities, financially secure, and have supportive friends and families. Some are active in their church, some live outside of Indiana, and some have children.  All of our families have been through a home study process. This means that we have been to their home and they have completed a number of background checks. We have checked their financial records, reference letters were received, and they have been interviewed by a social worker.

All of our adoptive families have made portfolio books. These books describe their family, their values, and give you a better understanding of who they are. You can look through these books and choose the family you want to place your child with.

What is important to you in looking for an adoptive family for your child?  When we meet you, we want to know your thoughts.  And we want to find a family that you feel comfortable with, that you can build a relationship with, if you choose to.  To learn more about KidsFirst, call us 317-843-2300 or 317-518-3032 (24 hours).

AuthorSteven Pecar