I’m Inna Pecar, Executive Director of KidsFirst Adoption Services. I started KidsFirst 16 years ago. I am originally from Ukraine, so our Ukraine adoption program is close to my heart. There are so many children in the country who need forever families!

Ukraine places children for adoption who are 5 years of age and older and younger children with special needs. There are also sibling groups who are waiting for adoption. Many of the children with medical conditions have already received surgeries or corrective procedures in the country and their conditions are currently being monitored.

The first step in the Ukraine adoption process is to complete a home study.  Then you will complete the country’s dossier paperwork so that it can be filed with the Ministry in Ukraine. Once your dossier is submitted, you will be able to travel in approximately 3 months to meet a child!

Families can either take 1 trip that will be approximately 6-8 weeks or families can take 2 trips with the first being 1-2 weeks and the second being 4 weeks. Both parents must be present to meet with and bond with the child. After 1-2 weeks, one parent is allowed to return to the US if needed, giving the other parent Power of Attorney for the adoption.

To learn more about the KidsFirst Ukraine program, please contact us! 317-843-2300. I would be happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process.

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