These sisters have a close-knit bond and a positive attitude towards adoption!  They are both physically healthy and waiting for their forever family. The younger sister was born in January 2004.  She has an extraverted personality, easily starts conversations, is responsive to others around her, and is always smiling. She has good self-esteem and loves to communicate with her peers and with adults. She enjoys playing games and spending time on the computer. She is a good student, demonstrates willingness and motivation for learning, and acquires new information quickly. Her favorite subjects are math and physical education. She has good hygiene and completes her daily responsibilities.

The older sister was born in May 2000. She has steady attention and good concentration. She needs additional assistance with vocabulary and learning words/concepts that are new to her. She is not aggressive, but rather has an introverted personality. She has some leadership skills and often influences her sister’s behavior. She has good self-esteem and self-control. She enjoys sports (mainly volleyball), talking on the phone, playing games, and being on the computer. She completes her schoolwork, is diligent, and demonstrates a willingness and motivation for learning. She is open to meeting new people and can be shy at first.

This adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please contact the KidsFirst office at 317-843-2300. We are able to provide many pictures, a medical report, and a psychological report.

AuthorSteven Pecar