November is National Adoption Awareness Month!  And we want to know how your life has been touched by adoption. Are you an adoptee, a birth mother, a sibling, or an adoptive parent? Are you waiting to adopt? Are you a friend, family member, or neighbor who has experienced adoption through someone you know? Did you have a special experience on your adoption journey? What do you know now that you wish you knew before?

Please share your story with us. You never know who has had a similar experience, who will be encouraged by your story, or who might consider adoption for their child because of you!  You're welcome to write it up yourself or call us and we'll write it for you. Also, if you have a favorite picture, poem, or quote about adoption, please share it! We're hoping to spread some joy and encouragement to families around the U.S. this month as we celebrate ADOPTION!  Please contact Suzanne at 317-843-2300 or

AuthorSteven Pecar