Happy #WaitingChildWednesday, everyone! This week, we have four sisters from Eastern Europe who are ready to be placed in their forever home! Scroll down to learn more about these beautiful sisters!

These sisters must be adopted together! They were raised together, and have shared a room their entire lives. They all express the desire to remain together and to become a whole family!

This sweet little girl was born during the month of July in 2010. She has normal physical and psychological development. She attends school and is reportedly doing very well! She is extremely positive to be around and has been described as an absolute delight! She has an magnificent memory and loves to do puzzles and crafts. She likes interacting with others, and has been described as a joyful little girl!

This angel child was born in 2008 during the month of May. She is healthy and has shown normal psychological and physical development. She attends school and is doing well! Her caregivers say that she is very creative, smart, and has a great memory! She is extremely empathetic and supportive to those around her. She seems to connect to those around her seamlessly! 

This beautiful girl was born in 2004 during the month of September. She also has normal physical and psychological development and is a healthy girl like her sisters! She is attending school and reportedly does very well. Her caregivers describe her to be very well-developed with a great imagination! She is talkative, flexible in novel situations, and very positive to be around.  She is less interactive with new people around her compared to her siblings, but she will still engage with new people other than her sisters. She is open to trying new things, and is a diligent student when it comes to her schoolwork.   

This young lady is the oldest of the sibling group. She was born in 2002 during the month of July. Like her sisters, she is healthy with normal physical and psychological development. She is positive to be around and loves to interact with others. This sibling is described to be a very well-developed child with who is flexible and has a great imagination! Her caregivers state that she is always open to trying new things. 

Their adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please contact the KidsFirst office and ask for Inna Pecar at 317-843-2300. We are typically able to provide many pictures, a medical certificate and psychological report, as well as other documentation, about our waiting children. Head over to our Waiting Child Page to look at more profiles of children who are ready and waiting to be adopted.  This page is password protected to ensure the privacy of our waiting children.  To get access, simply email us at info@KidsFirstAdoption.com and we will send you the password to enter the page.

For more information on a waiting child, feel free to call our agency or request more information by completing the information request found on our Contact Us page.


AuthorSteven Pecar