There is a beautiful young girl from Eastern Europe who is ready to be adopted! Scroll down to learn more about our waiting child of the week!

This female child is 16 years old, and she was born during the month of June. This child was placed in an orphanage after evidence of abuse and neglect from her parents. Although she is physically healthy, she does experience common delays that are found in children who have been institutionalized. 

She loves going to school and is very talkative. This young child is creative and loves to participate in a variety of activities. She has very good hygiene and cleanliness skills. She often times shares her positive view of family and longs for her own one day. 

Her adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please contact the KidsFirst office and ask for Inna Pecar at 317-843-2300. We are typically able to provide many pictures, a medical certificate and psychological report, as well as other documentation, about our waiting children. Head over to our Waiting Child Page to look at more profiles of children who are ready and waiting to be adopted.  This page is password protected to ensure the privacy of our waiting children.  To get access, simply email us at and we will send you the password to enter the page.

For more information on a waiting child, feel free to call our agency or request more information by completing the information request found on our Contact Us page.

AuthorSteven Pecar