I am excited to share you with all of you that I am planning a humanitarian trip to Ukraine! The idea was raised at our last KidsFirst Foundation Board meeting as we were discussing ways to spark more participation from families and the adoption community. International adoptions are changing significantly, requiring more paperwork, fees, and longer wait times. As it is becoming more difficult for families to adopt, I still see an incredible number of older children or children with minor, correctible medical conditions who are waiting to be adopted. The goals of this trip are to help orphanages with their direct needs and to advocate for children who are waiting to be adopted. The trip will be open to about 6 people.

Requirements would include:

  • One week availability to travel for the trip

  • Itinerary and accommodations will be planned for the group. Participants will be financially responsible.

  • Easy-going and willing spirit to accomplish whatever is needed on the trip

  • 2 year commitment AFTER the trip to advocate for waiting children

  • Your enthusiasm and passion! 

I am hosting a dinner at my home on April 16 for people who live locally and are interested in the trip or participating with the KidsFirst Foundation Board. Those interested should contact me at the KidsFirst office 317-843-2300.

I hope many of you are looking forward to being a part of something very meaningful on behalf of children and families!

Thank you, Inna

AuthorSteven Pecar