We are working hard on putting together background and medical information on a number of children from the Dominican Republic! Among them are:

-Boys ages 7 and 8 who are healthy but have intestinal parasites

-8 year old healthy girl

-Sibling group of 3- 2 brothers and a sister, ages 9, 8, and 7

-Children age 4-15 who are HIV+

-1 year old girl who is deaf and has some delays

-1 year old girl with an umbilical hernia, chronic otitis media, a language delay, club foot and flat foot

Please spread the word that these children need homes. Also, if there are parents who want to inquire about children with certain medical conditions, for example diabetes, cleft palate, heart issues, etc. Please let us know. Give us a call at (317) 843-2300!

AuthorSteven Pecar