We recently found out about Camp Courage- a therapeutic day camp for children who are adopted and are experiencing behavioral and emotional challenges.  The camp takes place in Indianapolis from June 6-10 and June 13-17. They are also looking for volunteers!  Here's some information:

 Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) was developed at Texas Christian University in order to help adoptive and foster families as they parented children who experienced early maltreatment and trauma.  It has been implemented and studied over the last 15 years to provide an evidence based, attachment and trauma focused intervention for families who have often struggled to find ways to relate that result in enjoyable, sustained positive relationships with one another.   As parents, you may have found much heartache in trying to reach your child and develop the family life that you desire.  As a child, early neglect and/or abuse have caused deep and often invisible wounds that make children look as if they are angry and oppositional.  We believe there is hope for your family.  

Mike Spencer is a counselor and adoptive parent who found TBRI in his efforts to help his children.  Patty Jewell is a licensed clinical social worker who has specialized in adoption, attachment and trauma over the last 20 years.  Together, and with various partners, they are offering Camp Courage - a therapeutic day camp for adopted children - here in Indianapolis this summer.  For more information please contact Mike at mikecampcourage@gmail.com or Patty at pattycampcourage@gmail.com.

Call for volunteers!!   We are looking for volunteers who would like to get excellent free training in exchange for becoming a one-on-one buddy for a child attending camp.  Training will encompass 6 hours of classroom instruction, reading The Connected Child and participating in a ½ day workday to prepare activities for camp and practice interventions.  A buddy is a one-on-one mentor who implements TBRI principles throughout the day with their identified child.  This is an excellent opportunity for cutting edge training in working with children with complex trauma and attachment issues.  Please contact Mike or Patty for more information and to get an application.

AuthorSteven Pecar