This beautiful sibling group is waiting to find their forever family. All of the children are health and have normal physical and psychological development. The children have a close relationship and must be adopted together. The children were often left alone by their parents and were found caring for themselves until they were taken into custody by the country’s authorities. They are now thriving in their foster families. Their adoption will require international travel. We are able to provide several pictures and medical/psychological reports for these siblings. If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact KidsFirst Adoption at 317-843-2300.

The oldest brother was born in February 2008. He is described as dynamic and extroverted. His teachers state that he is intelligent and complies with his homework. He enjoys interacting with others and playing with his peers. He is curious and wants to learn new things. He is obedient and follows instruction well.

The middle, male child was born in February 2007.  He is described as cheerful and shy. His teachers state that he is very smart, applies himself, and complies with his schoolwork. He gets along well with others and can show shyness or insecurity. He seeks affection from his caregivers and is protective of his brother. He is obedient, caring, and smart.

The youngest, female child was born in February 2009.  Her gross and fine motor skills are developed. She is learning the alphabet, numbers, and colors. Her teachers are working with her on focusing her attention. She communicates well and can be shy. She gets along well with her peers and is very much loved by her caregivers. They state that she has a charming smile and can be restless at times, but is a good child. She is described as happy, playful, and caring.

AuthorSteven Pecar