This adorably charming little boy just joined our list of waiting children here at KidsFirst!  Take a minute to read about this this child and discover if maybe this is the child meant for you and your family.

KF - V

KF - V

This is a male child, age 4, born in April 2012.  A psychologist recently met with this child and describes him as a wonderful child who is ready to find his forever family.   He is extremely well-developed, his mental status well intact, and enjoys singing songs and participating in group activities.  He likes to listen to stories, watch cartoons, and play with cars.  He is a very calm, non-aggressive, independent and charming child.  He sleeps and eats well and his caretakers say that he enjoys being sociable with others. 

This child does have some special needs including Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type II, a moderate form of Hemophilia Type A, and some delayed physical development.  The delayed physical development most likely comes from lack of therapy for his other medical special needs.  He is able to sit on his own, but does have trouble walking.  Caretakers and those who have evaluated and spent time with this child have said they have no doubt he will flourish and grow into his full potential once finding a forever family who can advocate on his behalf and get him the therapy and services he will need.


His adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please either submit a request through Rainbow Kids and include your telephone number, or contact the KidsFirst office and ask for Inna Pecar at 317-843-2300. We are typically able to provide many pictures, a medical certificate and psychological report, as well as other documentation, about our waiting children.


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