Meet Isaac!  A sweet and quiet boy who is in search of a family and home to belong to...



Isaac was born in January 2004 and is currently 13 years old.  He is healthy with normal physical and psychological development.  His caretakers describe that he enjoys doing puzzles and playing computer games.

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Isaac was raised by his biological family for the first 6 years old his life, and he is currently placed in a group home.  He has expressed that he desires to have a family to take care of him and hopes to have one soon.

He has been diagnosed with a speech disorder (stammering), strabismus, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.  He has low self-esteem and often feels self-conscious about his stammering.  He attends a mainstream school where he receives individual assistance from a resource teacher.   He completes tasks and responds well to praise.  He has good behavior and gets along with adults. 

His adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please contact the KidsFirst office and ask for Inna Pecar at 317-843-2300. We are typically able to provide many pictures, a medical certificate and psychological report, as well as other documentation, about our waiting children.

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