This adorable little girl is waiting for her forever family to find her!



Anita rejoices when interacting with adults and laughs when jested! She is calm and smiles when cuddled. Anita holds toys and feels comfortable in the company of adults and other children. She speaks simple words and expresses her emotions by repeating sounds and syllables or laughing and crying. Anita stands and walks with adult support. Her gross and fine motor skills are delayed and need further development.

Anita needs a family who can give her personal attention and a home environment to flourish in!

Age: born October 2012

Special/Medical Needs: Blind (due to congenital eye anomalies) and congenital anomalies syndrome, mainly affecting her face, agenesis of the corpus callosum, colpocephaly, and delayed motor development.

Her adoption will require international travel. If you would like more information please contact the KidsFirst office and ask for Inna Pecar at 317-843-2300. We are typically able to provide many pictures, a medical certificate and psychological report, as well as other documentation, about our waiting children.

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AuthorSteven Pecar