At the beginning of the week, we had meeting with a young woman who is trying to find a loving, stable home for a sibling group of young children.  She is not able to continue parenting.  It was hard to hear the story of this young, intelligent mother who tried so hard but she knows she can’t continue parenting, both financially and emotionally.  With tears in her eyes, she was telling her difficult life story and how she doesn’t want to get to the point where her children would need to go to foster care or cause irreversible damage for the kids.  When thinking about adoption she said, “They deserve much more than I can give and this is the life I want them to have.  I am doing it because I love them so much!”  We spent a day talking to potential adoptive parents and scheduling conference calls between the biological mother and adoptive families.  It was incredible to see how much love this young woman has for her children, despite the number of difficulties she has faced.  They are very intelligent, sweet kids and we will work hard to make sure they are in a good, stable home!

AuthorSteven Pecar