Recently we have had lots of families visiting the office with their children and we always love seeing them! These two stopped by the office to say "Hey!" and we just love this picture we took of them with their picture from when they were adopted! 

Domestic Program Update

We always keep in touch with our biological and adoptive families. This week we had a conference call with one of our birth mothers and the adoptive family that she placed with. It was a nice detailed update on how the child is doing and how the family is adjusting with their new little blessing. It is so important to us that the biological family knows that their child is doing well and that the incredible sacrifice they made to create a better life for their child is actually showing results. It is important that biological mothers sleep well knowing that their child is in a loving, caring hands and that she can move on with her life, knowing that she created for her child opportunities for love, stability, education, and so much more.

We are proud that this is equally important for our adopted families as well since they are so thankful for this incredible gift of life and opportunity to be parents. 


AuthorSteven Pecar