Meet Matthew! This handsome young boy recently had his life flip upside down is just a matter of months. Not long ago, Matthew was living with his mother and father. Now, his father is is jail and his mother is longer in the picture. Matthew then went to go live with his grandparents before they could no longer take care of him. Mathew is a smart, handsome, and healthy boy just waiting for a family. 

Here at KidsFirst, we believe there is a family for every child and we so there are so many families out there looking and waiting for their child. This helps us know that there is a family out there for Matthew and we need your help to find them. We want to advocate for this boy and help him find his forever family! Help us spread the word about Matthew and find him the family he is waiting for.  

To learn more details about Matthew, visit our Waiting Child page!


AuthorSteven Pecar