Steven and Inna Pecar, Suzanne Gee

Steven and Inna Pecar, Suzanne Gee

About Us:

KidsFirst has been working in adoption for over 17 years and has completed over 700 adoptions. Our agency is comprised of two separate agencies; KidsFirst Adoption Services, LLC (KFAS) and KidsFirst International Adoption, Inc., (KFIA). KFAS is a licensed, private adoption agency formed in 1998 by Steve and Inna Pecar. KFAS provides adoption services for the placement of children from the United States and non-Hague countries. KFIA is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency formed in 2006, which provides services for the placement of children from Hague countries. The Hague countries we currently place children from are Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Poland, and Ukraine.

 As an agency, we work to insure children are placed into qualified, loving homes. We take great pride in adhering to the highest ethical standards in the representation of our adoptive and biological families. 

Inna is always available for consultations with families who are interested in adopting or placing a child for adoption. Feel free to contact us at any time. 

KidsFirst Foundation

Our not-for-profit organization, which is focused on providing better lives for orphaned children around the world.  Today, funds raised by the foundation provide basic humanitarian needs, and create a network of support for families of adopted children.  Email us at