You may feel alone and scared now that you found out you're pregnant, and it wasn't planned. Maybe you're facing CPS, and you fear that you will lose your child to the foster care system...

Adoption IS An Option! 

  1. You can choose from a variety of families who have completed thorough home studies, and who are approved to provide a safe and loving home to a child. 
  2. You can request to receive updates and pictures from the adoptive family that you've chosen. You can also build a relationship with the adoptive family to ensure that your child will receive the love and attention that they absolutely deserve. 
  3. Adoptions can potentially occur between family members or close friends. 
  4. You can receive counseling and other resources throughout your pregnancy as well as up to six weeks after delivery through the adoption process. Financial support is also available to help you get back on your feet and transition after delivery.
  5. You will have the power to choose where your child ends up, instead of losing them to the foster care system which can be full of uncertainty. 

KidsFirst Adoption Services is here to listen to your concerns, help you determine your child's future, and walk you through the entire process.

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AuthorSteven Pecar