We work with birth mothers and fathers who are considering adoption for their child for a number of different reasons. We have worked with women who are:

  • Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

  • Scared because they are in an abusive relationship

  • Pregnant due to rape

  • Having difficulty parenting a child

  • Struggling financially and unable to provide for their child

  • Homeless

  • Facing incarceration

  • Suffering from drug or alcohol addiction

  • Threatened with DCS/CPS involvement and having their children removed to foster care

Whatever the reason, one thing is always true…the birth mothers want to give their child a good life and a stable future. Their decision to place their child for adoption is made out of love.

It is important to us for women to understand that they are NOT alone. We are here to provide support and to educate them about their options so that they can make the best choice for themselves and their child.

To learn more about KidsFirst, call us at 317-843-2300 or 317-518-3032 (24 hours).

AuthorSteven Pecar