Last week we met with a young woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. “It’s just been a struggle. I don’t want to put both my daughters through that.”  She has a full time job, is parenting a toddler, and has little support from friends and family.

She came to KidsFirst because she is considering adoption. “I want a family who will love her as much as I do.”

We met with her and the father of the baby the same day she called us. She was able to look at portfolio books of families waiting to adopt and she chose the family for her daughter!  Two days later, she was able to meet the adoptive family.  It's a very difficult decision, one that is never taken lightly by any birth mother. She cried on the phone and when we met. Our hearts ache for her because her heart is hurting. But ultimately, she feels she is making the decision to place her daughter for adoption because her daughter deserves a better life, one that she is not able to provide at this point in her life. She feels confident in her decision to place her daughter with this family because she feels that they will love her unconditionally and will provide her with a safe environment and the opportunities she could ever want or need.

To learn more about KidsFirst, call us 317-843-2300 or 317-518-3032 (24 hours). We know this is a difficult time and we are here to help YOU make the best decision for you.

AuthorSteven Pecar