Home Study Services

KidsFirst provides home study services for international and domestic adoptions for Indiana families. KidsFirst has over 17 years of experience in adoption and the home study process. We have licensed social workers on staff as well as our our Executive Director, Inna Pecar, available to meet with families as needed or requested.

Getting Started: 

To get started, families complete an application with KidsFirst. We provide families with detailed information about the process, fees, and what to expect, so you feel prepared. There are 2 meetings in our office and 1 meeting in your home. You will need to submit a number of documents that are required including financial records, birth certificates, physical health reports, and autobiographies.  Each family member will be interviewed and you will also complete several background checks.  Half of the home study fee is due at the first appointment and the other half is due at the final appointment. You, along with your placing agency, will have an opportunity to review and approve the report before it is finalized. We will provide you with as many original reports as you need.

We also provide home study services for step-parent, second parent, guardianship, and relative adoptions for families living in Indiana. We will answer your questions and walk you through every step!  Families complete an application with KidsFirst and there is one appointment at your home. We will provide you with as many original reports as you need.

Post-Adoption Services

KidsFirst provides post adoption and post placement report services to families living in Indiana. Reports are required for international and domestic adoptions. The requirements will vary depending on the country or state where the adoption took place. We complete all reports in an accurate and timely manner

Hague Accreditation:

KidsFirst is a Hague Accredited agency, since 2008, so we have extensive knowledge about Hague requirements and international adoption. We pride ourselves in not just looking to approve a family to adopt, but to do our best to advocate for and get to know the families we work with. Adoption is our passion and we work hard to provide the best experience possible throughout the process.  We are excited to work with your family and pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide to all families we work with. Our staff is knowledgeable about home study and post adoption requirements. To learn more or to get started, please contact us!

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