Birth Parents

"KidsFirst was the best decision I made for my daughter.  Inna and Suzanne helped me throughout my whole pregnancy.  They really care about the birth mothers, and help with anything they can!  They really care, and don't do it just because it's a job."

- Vanessa, birth mother


"You are the best agency! We love the updates we get. My wife has placed two other children and she never gets updates or hears from those agencies. It really means so much to both of us. Thank you!"

- Birth Father, domestic


"I contacted KidsFirst Adoption Services, and After speaking with the agency I knew I finally had someone that cared. It was a hard decision but I don’t regret it knowing that my children have a stable and happy home where they can be successful. The compassion, love, understanding, and knowing that I was never being judged made this journey that much easier. Being able to make the decisions, like choosing thefamily, and knowing I was a priority made me feel so at ease. I never knew how many options I had until speaking with them."

-Jamie, birth mother



"My story is a bit different than others because I was a new mommy in a week!  My husband and I tried to have a family for years with many IVF treatments and no success.  One day a friend of mine told us she knew of a child who needed a 'forever home', and referred us to KidsFirst.  Once I spoke to Inna, I knew I was in the right place.  She was out of the country on vacation that week, but still took the time every day to speak to me during the process.  Also, her colleagues at the office were right on top of things.  Our home study had to be done in record time, and Suzanne, who was our contact, was wonderful.  She guided us through the whole process and got us everything we needed to be ready at the end of the week.  The love they have for the kids they work with is undeniable.  They want the best for every child and are determined to find them the perfect home.  We have been parents for 9 months now, and they still call me to find out how our child is doing, and that warms my heart.  It’s not just a job for them; they truly want the best home for every child."

- Jon & Diane, domestic


"There are not enough words to thank Inna, Steve, Suzanne, and all the members of the KidsFirst family.  I started in the Russia program in September, 2011.  I knew the moment I walked into KidsFirst and met with Inna, that this was where my story would begin.  It was a long and emotional journey, and Inna was there every step of the way, offering encouragement and support.  Her patience and kindness is endless!  And as if the 'normal' journey was not enough of a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, I had the devastating experience of learning that Russia officially closed it's doors to U.S. parents a little over a year after first starting in the program.  Inna was tireless in her efforts to not only console her families, but to expand her program in an effort to find our 'forever families' through other countries, as well as to encourage everybody to consider domestic adoption.  I had my doubts about following the domestic route; as a single woman it is quite difficult to be placed with a birth family.  But Inna assured me that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain... and was she ever right!  1 month after submitting my photo journal, Inna called me with the best news imaginable... I was picked by a birth family who lived just 2.5 hours away!"

"Every step of the way, from international to domestic adoption, and before, during, and after my son Ethan (now 4 weeks old) was born, Inna was there, ready to answer questions, ease my worries, and offer words of encouragement.  If you ask me if I would do anything differently, the answer would be a resounding 'NO'... even with all the ups and downs.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is an absolute reason I walked into KidsFirst and met with Inna - she was heaven-sent!  She helped me find and bring home my son, and I will be forever thankful and grateful to her and KidsFirst."

- Marcy, domestic


“We met with several adoption agencies and believe us when we tell you that KidsFirst is the only one we would ever recommend to adoptive parents.  When we received a miracle phone-call from our doctor one morning, telling us a baby boy had been born, and the birth parents were looking to place him for adoption, KidsFirst was the only agency we trusted to handle the process on short notice.  KidsFirst’s expertise in guiding us through the adoption and legal paperwork within a 72-hour window was no easy task.  Inna, Steve, and Suzanne handled everything with skill and professionalism.  They kept us informed every step of the way, and no questions went unanswered.  We’re so blessed to have our son in our lives and KidsFirst helped make that possible!”

- Rick & Lisa, domestic


"We had a wonderful infant domestic adoption experience with KidsFirst.  We did our home study with another agency, but in the process found our way to the office of KidsFirst; what a blessing that was.  When we were picked by our birth mom, we were so excited and had so many questions.  Inna and her whole staff were always right there, full of encouragement and always honest about what to expect."

"Our birth mom invited me to go to her doctor appointments, and also to stay at the hospital when our beautiful daughter was born.  Again, Inna was so supportive throughout this experience.  Her whole staff was also respectful and professional with our birth mom, which speaks volumes about their character."

"I do highly recommend KidsFirst if you are considering adopting.  We are so glad that we landed in Inna’s office when we did!  We could not imagine our family without our sweet baby girl."

- Tim & Jill, domestic


"After several years on a waiting list at another agency, we were recommended to reach out to KidsFirst by a co-worker who had used the agency.  We called the agency, and it just so happened that they were having an information session that night, which we attended.  The overwhelming love that Inna and her staff had for placing children was very apparent in the presentation.  When we left, we knew that we would proceed with KidsFirst.  The staff was so warm, kind, thoughtful, and thorough in all aspects of each process.  We were excited when we were matched with a birth mom.  Inna and her staff were very loving as they walked us through each 'what if', and helped to keep us grounded on what to expect.  We felt the communication was very prompt and timely.  When we had questions, it never felt like an automated process, or that we were bothering them with the 'little things'.  When our birth day approached, Inna and her team guided us through the process, and helped us to overcome each question that was asked by the birth mom.  We never felt disconnected from the agency, and we felt that they had our best interests in mind while helping us establish a new family.  We have already recommended KidsFirst to several people.  We are grateful to them for all that they did for us.  We really liked the fact that Inna and Steve work as a unit, and it felt like a very seamless process.  They, and the rest of the staff at KidsFirst, will forever be a part of how our family was made."

- Ty & Heidi, domestic



"When we adopted our daughter, Lilya, from Russia, we felt so blessed by the services provided by KidsFirst and their amazing staff.  From the very beginning, they were completely transparent concerning every step of the process.  We were never left wondering what the next step would be, or what we needed to do, and they treated us like we really mattered.  We weren't just clients, they took seriously their role in helping us bring a child into our family.  Having heard stories from others who had adopted from our same region, we quickly realized how fortunate we were dealing with the KidsFirst staff abroad as well.  We have, and will continue to recommend KidsFirst to others we know considering adoption."

- Ryan & Amber, Russia


"We had a great experience!  My husband traveled to Kazakhstan to pick up our daughter.  This was just a couple of weeks after 9/11, and things were still uncertain.  Travel was uncertain, safety was a concern, and the world events were unfolding.  We knew this was something we were supposed to do.  We knew this was something we were called by God to do!  His travel there, his stay, and the safe return home were all without incident.  His experience while in Kazakhstan was very positive.  We still keep in touch with two of the interpreters, and even visit on occasion.  We can not say enough positive things about Inna and KidsFirst.  They were always available to answer questions and assist in any way possible.  Even though we were several states apart, we always felt like we could pick up the phone and speak to someone about our needs or concerns.  They helped us walk through each step of the process, and in just a few months we were holding our sweet daughter.  It is hard to believe she has just turned 13, and is growing into a beautiful young lady.  For anyone that is thinking about this process, we strongly encourage you to take that step of faith and obedience, and to give love to one of the so many children who are in need of a loving home."

- TJ & Becca, Kazakhstan