Ukrainian flag


  • Couples and single women
  • Prospective parents must be at least 25 years of age, and no more than 50 years older than the child.

Children Needing Families:  

Children are 5 years and older.
Sibling groups may include a younger child.
Ukrainian children typically have Caucasian features.


    Requirements and Process:

    Families must first complete a home study and dossier. We walk our families through each step of the dossier process. It takes about 1.5 months to translate and submit a dossier to the country after it has been completed. After the Ministry has accepted the application, the family can begin planning their travels.

    Avg. Referral Waits:

    In Ukraine, referrals are not presented to prospective adoptive parents prior to travel. The parents must travel to meet the child in Ukraine.
    No medical information is given prior to traveling to Ukraine, however, the agency will do everything possible to ensure a successful match. The Ukrainian coordinator will do the same.
    If the family is interested in consulting with a Ukrainian medical specialist, the agency can arrange it prior to traveling.


    1-3 months after submitting a dossier, the family will travel on their first trip. This trip can be up to 1 month in length, and both parents must travel. 1-2 months later, the family will travel for their second trip. This trip lasts only 7-9 days. Only one parent may travel if necessary.