Waiting Adoptive Families


Here is a quick look at some of the KidsFirst families who are waiting to adopt. 

All of the families are ready and excited to bring a child into their home and life!
Each family has also created a profile book, which we are happy to share with you as well.
Please contact KidsFirst at 317-843-2300 to learn more about our adoptive families and the adoption process. 



Meet Dan & Allison:

We feel a calling in our lives that has led us to adoption and we are eager and ready to welcome a child into our family. In choosing us you can be confident that your child will always have the love, support, faith, and education he or she needs. As parents we will lead by example and always be there to comfort and play, to teach responsibility and hard work, and to encourage our child to be the best version of his or her self.

Dan- Mechanical Engineer; Enjoys woodworking, FIRST Robotics, and camping

Allison- Mechanical Engineer; Enjoys FIRST Robotics, camping, and baking