Here is a snapshot of some of the KidsFirst families who are waiting to adopt. All of the families are ready and excited to bring a child into their home and life! Each family has also created a profile book, which we are happy to share with you as well. Please contact KidsFirst at 317-843-2300 to learn more about our adoptive families and the adoption process.

We'll walk you through every step.

Meet Gerry and Sue:  Adoption has always been on our hearts from the day we started dating; it has always been a plan for us. We are young at heart and simply love having fun as a family; we have been together for 17 years and have one daughter. We look forward to expanding our family. There will be no difference between our biological child and our adopted children; we will raise them with love, respect and encouragement to follow their dreams.

Gerry- Graphic Designer; Enjoys movies, art, hiking with family, sports, and visiting with family and friends

Sue- Interior Designer; Enjoys camping, baking, amusement parks, and playing with their daughter, nieces, and nephew

Meet Christine: I want to know what it is like to love a child unconditionally. If I was a birth Mother, I would choose me because I love God, children and others. I hope to raise the child to be what God intended for him or her.

Christine- Owner of a PR company and a conference planning company; Enjoys yoga, helping children, massage, reading, and writing