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International Adoption Information



Dear potential adoptive parents, thank you for looking at our international adoption page. This agency was started by providing placement services from the international route then, within the last ten years, international adoption has changed quite a bit. At this time, most of the children who are waiting for families through international adoption are older children (ages 6 and up), multiple sibling groups, younger children with developmental delays, children with down syndrome, and children with other medical conditions which would require immediate attention of a family.

Why families choose international adoption:

  • Most families choose international adoption because they want to grow their family through adding an older child, a child with a sibling group, or a child with special needs.
  • Families enjoy diversity, and they appreciate the culture and background of the adopted child
  • Families hope to have a clearer time frame, and they do not want to be in a position where they are selected by the biological family
  • They want to help an orphan who needs a family and feel that would be a good decision for their family as well

Families who want to know if there is an orphan who needs love and care must go through the required steps such as necessary paperwork in order to begin growing their family through this process. Families should know that internationally, most countries allow adoption by heterosexual couples only. Please know that even though this agency is always open to working with single individuals, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples, we have to guide families depending on their family composition on how it would match with the country they are trying to adopt from. For example, most countries would only allow heterosexual couples to adopt through their process, and some countries allow single women to adopt while some do not. There are very few countries that allow single men or same sex couples to successfully complete the international adoption process.

Each country that is open to an international adoption process has a Ministry and Central authority that is in charge of ensuring ethical adoption processes that include careful evaluation of each child’s situation and that each child qualifies for an orphan status in order to be adopted by a family overseas. Most of the countries have Hague regulations in place that allow only Hague accredited agencies to work with them in an effort to find stable, permanent, and loving homes for each child. Kids First International Adoption is a Hague accredited agency and works only in countries where we believe there is true transparency, honesty, careful approach to the needs of each individual child, and openness to provide as much medical and background information as possible so adoptive families are able to make educated decisions.

In the international adoption world, we believe in advocating for each child. We also truly believe that each adoptive family must be very honest with themselves regarding other children they are parenting, their age, and other obligations they have in life prior to making this decision. Kids First International Adoption encourages families to talk with us about their hopes, being very upfront about what would be the right situation for their family. We also discuss with families the ages, personalities, and medical needs of the children they are already parenting so we can put work and time into guiding families to make sure international adoption is the right fit for the family.

At Kids First International, we strongly believe that each adoption process should start from a clear understanding that children who come through the adoption world experience separation from their biological family, lived in orphanages or foster homes, and will carry so many unique needs and previous experiences. It is important that families understand that raising an adopted child will take a lot of time, love, family traditions, patience, clear expectations from each family member, medical and financial resources, but most importantly it is necessary to be there for the child no matter what.

This agency strongly believes in education and consulting with independent physicians who specialize in adoption medicine prior to making this huge decision to grow your family and create permeancy for a child. We believe that prior to making your decision, a lot of questions should be asked, and we will put a lot of effort into finding out as much as possible about the child. We work to find important information such as: the beginning of the child’s life, specific measurements of the child (head circumference, height, and weight of the child, etc.), the child’s medical history, and the child’s personality and level of different skills (emotional, physical, verbal, interactive and so on).

We mentioned before that international adoption information has taken a different shape within the last ten years, which means this agency decided to advocate for older children, children with special needs, and multiple sibling groups. Kids First International decided not to take on families who wanted to internationally adopt a young and healthy child because we believe it is not as realistic, and it will take years and years of waiting. We believe in honest and transparent communication with prospective adoptive parents, and we are committed to answer as many questions as they have prior to making the decision of what type of adoption is the right decision for their family.

Below is the link to some books families should read to understand what questions they could ask and what they need to keep in mind when starting the international adoption process.

  • Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families with Special Needs Kids by Gregory Keck
  • Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow by Gregory Keck
  • Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child: Making Sense of the Past by Betsy Keefer and Jayne Schooler