We have placed over 800 Children into Loving Families

We are here for you. Every step of your journey.

Birth Mothers

Considering Adoption?

You have options.

Adoption is a loving, selfless decision. If you are considering making an adoption plan for your baby, we want you to know that we are here for you, every step of the way.

We offer support for birth mothers with:

  • Finances
  • Medical appointments
  • Navigating insurance
  • Legal questions
  • Personal and community connections

“KidsFirst was looking out for me. Trying to make me feel that I was strong, that I was ok. That I’m not alone.

I knew they were still going to be there for me even though we were far apart after the adoption. That’s one thing that I’m really grateful for.”

Birth Mother, 2023

Waiting Families

Bryan & Erin


“In addition to scampering feet and laughter that fills the house, our days are filled with pop-up blanket forts, sticky pb&j fingers and imaginative play!”

Download Erin & Bryan’s Profile Book

Wendy & Jason


“We can offer safety, security and love to your child. You will always be a part of your child’s story. We promise to support your child in every way we can.”

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Laura & Brett


“We promise to give your child all the support and love they deserve from all familial relationships”

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Adoptive Families 

Hoping to adopt?

Build your family with us.

We have helped match families with waiting children since 1998. We offer full support for those considering adoption, and we will help you navigate every step of the adoption process.

  • Adoption matching
  • Adoption plan creation
  • Types of adoptions
  • Completing your Home Study

“I had a conversation with Inna and immediately got a warm fuzzy feeling that this was the right agency. Inna and Mary Carole were so wonderful and helpful throughout the whole process.

They encouraged us to educate ourselves and take classes on adoption. They were always open, honest and ready to answer any questions or concerns we had.”

Nora, New Parent


More Than 800 Adoptions

Serving Families Since 1998

Lifelong Support for Mothers and Families

Small, Intentional Staff of Professionals 

24/7 Availability

how to put my unborn baby up for adoption

KidsFirst Adoption Services, LLC is a private adoption agency founded by Inna and Steven Pecar that has been helping build families and supporting both expectant and hopeful mothers for over 20 years. Our caring staff is always available to answer questions, address your concerns, and assist you throughout the adoption process so you never feel alone

We are licensed to carry out adoptions both domestically and internationally.


Your Questions, Answered

One of the best measures of an agency is the way they manage problems that may arise throughout the process. We recognize the complexities of adoption, and our priority is to help our clients through the stress of unanswered questions. 

When issues arise in the middle of the night, or while overseas, you can reach out to us for help — 24 hours a day.