Adoption and Immigration

You CAN place your child for U.S. adoption, without U.S. citizenship.


We offer caring, judgment-free help for birth parents. Talk to our team to understand your rights and options as an immigrant.

We are here for YOU.

If you are here looking at this page right now, welcome. We want you to know you are loved, you are brave, and you don’t have to do this alone.

If you are an undocumented expectant mother, know that you have just as much right to place your child for adoption in the United States as any other mother.

As long as your child is born within the United States, they can be placed with a loving, supportive adoptive family, regardless of your own citizenship status.

We are here to help 24/7 as you consider this major decision.

If you decide to pursue adoption, we will help you through every step of the process.

Understanding YOUR Choices

If you are considering adoption, we want you to know that YOU have a VOICE.

You get to make the decisions.

We are here to help you navigate your options as a birth mother.

Legal Guidance

Our friendly team has over 30 years of experience in immigration and adoption regulations.

If you choose to place your child for adoption, we will take your hand and guide you through every step of the process.


Medical Needs

Your mental and physical health are our priorities. We provide transportation to doctor appointments, help with access to medications, and connect you with mental health resources. We can also help you navigate insurance and apply for coverage. 

Financial Support

We will connect you with every possible resource to ensure your well-being. The state of Indiana allows up to $4,000 in support money that can be used for costs like housing, groceries, or medical expenses, for up to six weeks after delivery.

Questions for Adoption and Immigration

We have loving families waiting to adopt. Your child born in the United States can be placed for adoption with an American family, even if you are undocumented. 


Things to know

  • KidsFirst provides safe, secure, and private adoptions for undocumented mothers
  • We will not share your citizenship status with waiting families 
  • You will still have rights to an open adoption, even if you are undocumented

Creating An Adoption Plan

Creating an adoption plan is a deeply personal, loving act. We will help you through this very difficult time in life without any pressure.

You decide what you want for your child. We will work with you to create a personal adoption plan that will build the best possible future for your child and for yourself.

Steps for an Adoption Plan

  • Work with our staff to answer key questions about your hopes, expectations, and needs for an adoption process.
  • Choose a family from our list of waiting families
  • Get matched with a family
  • Create a hospital plan and post-placement agreement
  • Give birth and finalize the adoption
  • Receive updates and pictures of your child

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an open adoption?

Yes. Your privacy and your preferences are the most important factors. You can choose an open adoption plan, a closed adoption, or a semi-closed adoption.

We will work with you and the potential adoptive family to create a plan with clear expectations on both sides.  

Who are your waiting families?

We have many families fully ready, prepared, and approved to start parenting today. 

Our waiting families undergo background checks and home studies to ensure they will provide a safe and loving home. 

You can look at our list of waiting families here. 

This is hard. Do I have to do this alone?

If you are considering adoption for your child, you are strong, brave, and loved. And you are not alone. Adoption is never an easy decision to make, and we are here to help you in every way we can. 

We promise to start a conversation with you. We promise to always listen to what you want for your child and what you need from us. We promise to be there for YOU, as a birth mother, for long after an adoption placement is made. 

When should I make an adoption plan?

**Immediate assistance is always available. You can call us any time, day or night. We have a number of fully approved adoptive parents who are ready to begin parenting right away.**

No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, you can make an adoption plan at any time. If you are ready and know that an adoption plan would be in the best interest of you and your child, we can start to create an adoption plan.

If you just delivered the baby, you can call us right away. Adoption plans can be set up within an hour. Timing of placement may depend on hospital policies after childbirth. We place children from infancy to school age.

Can I receive financial support?

The state of Indiana allows for up to $4000 in support money, the details of which are discussed in meetings after an adoption plan is set up.

This money can be used to help and support you with critical needs, including food, clothing, and medical expenses. 

We will look for other resources in the community as well to maximize the help we can provide to you. 

Can I choose adoption if DCS is involved?

If the child is already a ward of the state, we cannot step in. You can make an adoption plan if you’re concerned that DCS will get involved and you know that an adoption plan is in your child’s best interest. You still might be able to make the decision of an adoption plan within the first days or week or DCS involvement.

The sooner you contact us, the higher the chance that you’ll be able to make the decision of an adoption plan for your child and yourself.

Will you tell my parents if I choose adoption?

We will not. It is the sole decision of you, the birth mother, whether or not to pursue adoption.

Even if you are under 18 or dealing with other difficult situations, we will not discuss this issue with your family. 

Will you tell the biological father if I choose adoption?

You have the right to choose whether or not to name the biological father on the child’s birth certificate during an adoption process. If you choose not to name him, we will not notify him. 

Hear From A Birth Mother

“KidsFirst was looking out for me. Trying to make me feel that I was strong, that I was ok. That I’m not alone.

I knew they were still going to be there for me even though we were far apart after the adoption. That’s one thing that I’m really grateful for.”

Birth Mother, 2023