Home Studies for Adoptive Families


What is a Home Study?

A home study is a comprehensive assessment of a prospective adoptive family’s home, background, and ability to provide a stable and nurturing environment for a child.

The purpose of a home study is to ensure that the prospective adoptive parents are suitable and capable of meeting the needs of an adopted child. The home study process is a standard requirement in most adoption processes, whether domestic or international.

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Home Study Process

Beginning the home study process can be a bit intimidating for families as they start their journey of adoption. Some are worried about what might be asked, if they will be judged, or what kind of paperwork they will need to gather.


The goal of a home study is always focused on the well-being of a child. Will a child be safe in the home? Will their needs be met? Will the child have the supports they need? Will they be loved, nurtured, and cared for throughout their lives? What additional education or supports does this family need to meet the needs of an adopted child?

1. Background Checks

Prospective parents will undergo criminal background checks. 

2. Interviews

Social workers conduct interviews with prospective adoptive parents. These interviews cover a range of topics, including motivation for adoption, family history, parenting philosophy, and experience with children. 

3. Home Inspections / Safety Checks

We will visit a prospective adoptive parents’ home to assess its safety, cleanliness, and suitability for a child. We will also ensure the home complies with local health and safety regulations. 

4. Post-Placement Reports

After a child has been placed with an adoptive family, we will follow up and prepare a post-placement report. The purpose of this report is to assess the child’s adjustment and well-being in their new home. 

Why KidsFirst

Licensed, Trained Staff

We have Master’s level social workers on staff who conduct every home study and post-adoption report


KidsFirst has been placing children in loving homes since 1998. We have extensive knowledge about adoption issues and regulations.

Personalized Attention

We give personalized attention to each of our clients by working one-on-one to assist them in whatever they may need. 


KidsFirst has been Hague Accredited since 2008. We comply with al standards for international adoption. 

Timely, Thorough Reports

We complete Home Studies and Post-Placement reports in a timely and ethical manner, 


Adoption is not just a job for our staff, it is our passion! We care deeply about the families we work with, we enjoy working with them, and we take great pride in the work that we do.

Adoption is a big decision. We are committed to answering your questions.

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