We strongly believe that every parent knows in their heart whether they are able or not able to parent. As an immigrant, you have a right to determine the future of your child. If your child is born in the US and parenting is not an option for you right now, you have the ability to make an adoption plan for your child.

Steps for Placing a Child for Adoption as an Immigrant

  • If you are dealing with unwanted pregnancy or cannot provide stability to the child you are already parenting, Call or text at (317) 518-3032
  • We will listen for what your hopes are for your child
  • We will provide profile books of full-approved adoptive families for you to review
  • We will schedule a meeting and come to where you are to fully understand your hopes and wishes
  • You can get updates and pictures of your child or could have a completely closed adoption
  • We provide peace of mind that they will be love, raised with dignity and care, and will have an opportunity for a happy and independent life.