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‘During this session of “Whatever Life Throws at You”, we had great conversations around what independence means to us in 2021.

We began our meeting with a conversation surrounding the questions of:

  • What does independence mean to you?
  • What kinds of independence exist?
  • What has helped you or made you feel good on your way to independence?
  • What are the obstacles to your independence?

*Sharleen’s Goals-

  • She has been dating someone for two years and feels very comfortable with him
  • She knows, however, that he is not the right life-long partner for her
  • Sharleen wants to build up the confidence to have a conversation with her boyfriend and be honest about not seeing a future

*Brittney’s Goals-

  • Brittney is currently living with her parents and finding it difficult. 
  • She likes the convivence of saving money and sharing household responsibilities with her parents, but she wants her own space
  • Brittney’s goal is to save up enough money to support herself and live independently in her own place. 

* Mariah’s Goals-

  • Mariah would like to have more time for herself in 2021
  • Mariah feels like she is not taking care of herself the way she should
  • Her goal is to go for a half hour walk each day and do 10 minutes of stretches and abs. 

*All participants’ names were changed for this post.  


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