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About Adoption in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a very straight-forward and transparent adoption process, which generally requires short stays in Bulgaria. Our overseas team is knowledgeable about the well-being of the children and will provide information about the child’s health including the physical, social, and psychological development of the child.

We always push for as much medical and social history as possible. We are always open to a consultation with the family, and provide honest and transparent answers to your questions. We have done adoption for over 22 years and will always share our knowledge with the family. We have a waiting child program in Bulgaria to match children with adoptive parents. We maintain constant communication with our overseas partners to find waiting children who will be a good match with our adoptive parents.


Parent Eligibility

  • Couples and single women
  • Must be at least 25 years old
  • Cannot be more than 50 years older than the child


Child Profiles

  • Children range in age from 2 to 15 years old.
  • We see that  most younger children have significant special needs, so we spend time talking to families regarding what they can and can’t handle.
  • Children are mostly raised in orphanages; however, they may also be in foster homes.
  • The children being placed for adoption are generally of Roma or Turkish descent. Bulgaria also has a large Slavic population.
  • Bulgaria provides very detailed referral information. Each child’s referral includes a picture, detailed medical report, and sometimes videos. Additional information can be provided through our international coordinators.
  • We see a reasonably short wait if families are open to adopt a child with Down Syndrome.
  • We see a number of sibling groups and children ages 10 and up.
  • We feel Bulgaria is a good fit for families who are open to older children and sibling groups and are hoping to adopt a child with Down Syndrome.
  • Adoption from Bulgaria is also a good fit for families who understand and are open to certain special needs.

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Process of Adopting from Bulgaria

To begin a Bulgarian adoption, each family must complete a Hague-approved home study and dossier. We walk our families through each step of the dossier process, which is shorter for Bulgaria than for most countries.

Once these two steps are complete, they will be submitted to Bulgaria’s Ministry of Justice.

Wait Time

We have a waiting child program where we advocate for children who are older or have special needs. In this situation, there may be no wait time. Once the child has been selected by a family, a referral can be held up for 6 months while the necessary paperwork is completed. Contact us to find a list of current waiting children, and learn more about them.

It takes many, many years to adopt a young, healthy child in Bulgaria. This agency is always honest and transparent with families and doesn’t feel comfortable putting families in the position of a long, long wait with the way adoptions are going now. It is always subject to change though.

Travel Considerations

Families travel approximately 2–3 months after accepting a referral. The first trip lasts 1 week, and both parents must travel. The second trip takes place 3–4 months after the first. This trip is 1 week long and only one parent must travel, if both cannot. Bulgaria allows one trip now due to the situation with COVID.

The court date for a Bulgarian adoption is not attended by the family, and takes place in the time between both trips.

What We Provide

One-On-One Communication

One-on-one communication with adoptive parents to ensure that they fully understand which programs and situations are best for them.


Responsive Help

Close communication with our representatives abroad and timely responses when issues arise.


We will provide you with as much information as possible to ensure that both the needs of the child and adoptive family are considered as we find a match.