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About Adoption in Poland

KidsFirst International Adoption began working in Poland in July 2015. Our current partner in the country is Grazyna Stokarska.


Parent Eligibility

  • Couples and single women
  • Couples must be married for at least 3 years
  • Must be at least 25 years old, and no more than 40 years older than the child
  • At least one parent must be a US citizen


Child Profiles

  • Children up for adoption in Poland are generally orphaned due to voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights, the death of a parent, or the inability of a parent to provide the child with adequate care. There are many sibling groups and children with medical needs who are available for adoption.
  • Children over 13 years old must give their consent for an adoption to take place. The children are generally raised in orphanages or foster homes.

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Process of Adopting from Poland

To begin a Polish adoption, each family must complete a Hague-approved home study and dossier. The dossier requires a medical certificate and FBI clearance. We walk our families through each step of the dossier process.

Once these two steps are complete, they will be submitted to Poland.

Average Wait Time

The wait time to receive a child referral depends on your medical preferences and the age of the child.

Time frames change. Please call our office or email us to schedule a consultation and we will provide information about the current wait time.

Travel Considerations

Prospective parents are required to travel for one longer trip (approximately 8 weeks), or two separate trips (approximately one week for the first, and six weeks for the second). The duration of the trips depends on the decision of a judge, and the region where the child resides.

Poland requires a bonding period for adoptive parents to acquaint with the child. This can take 10 days to a month. ​​Both parents are required to be in the country during this time, and children from the family are encouraged to attend as well.

After the bonding period, there will be a court hearing that both parents must attend. After this hearing, one parent may leave the country if needed. It takes about 2–3 weeks to receive the court’s official approval.

What We Provide

One-On-One Communication

One-on-one communication with adoptive parents to ensure that they fully understand which programs and situations are best for them.


Responsive Help

Close communication with our representatives abroad and timely responses when issues arise.


We will provide you with as much information as possible to ensure that both the needs of the child and adoptive family are considered as we find a match.