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The goal of the Mastermind group is to utilize the power of networking to help one another to better serve our communities and achieve our business goals. KidsFirst does adoption work and provides options to families who are not in the position to parent but want the very best for their children. 

Every day, our agency faces many challenges on how to better serve our families and we make a constant effort to extend our referral circle.  As we do this work, we often reach out to professionals in the area to provide other services our expectant mothers may benefit from. This could be shelters, food pantries, addiction clinics, legal services, and much more. We believe that your organizations would also benefit from an expanded referral base.

We hope Mastermind will be a consortium of like-minded organizations who feel that they can benefit their clientele by having knowledge of and access to other resources in the community that may benefit their clients.  Mastermind will have bi-weekly meetings in which professionals can share their goals and collaborate to better serve their communities. We can gather to help each other, share resources available in the community, and expand our knowledge of what others are doing to help those they work with. We can be there for one another to bounce ideas in order to work better and solve our business dilemmas.

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