Purse Project for Women in Need

KidsFirst is collecting donated purses and filling them with essential items. We will be donating these purses to women in need.


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Spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors! Let them know about this exciting opportunity to give back to the community.

Your support means the world to us!

Donate a purse or other item that is in good condition and may be valuable to women in need within your community.

Amazon Wishlist
If you purchase items directly from our wishlist you support us two ways! Once by helping to fill the bags with useful items and the other through Amazon’s Smile Campaign.

Check out our Amazon Wishlist for Useful Items!

You can drop off your items here:
9135 N Meridian St. Suite B-4
Indianapolis, IN 46260

KidsFirst International Adoption is a non-profit organization that will use donated funds to provide necessities for women and community members in need.

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  1. Log onto your Amazon Account
  2. In the search bar, type “AmazonSmile”
  3. Confirm you are on “AmazonSmile” by checking the domain in the upper left-hand corner
  4. Click on “You shop, AmazonSmile donates”
  5. To access our charity, type “KidsFirst Foundation Inc” (Indianapolis) in the box that says “or pick your own charitable organization”
  6. Begin selecting items to place in your cart
  7. When you are finished selecting items, proceed to check out
  8. If you would like to send items directly to KidsFirst, be sure to change your shipping address to “9135 N Meridian St B-4, Indianapolis, IN 46260”
  9. After you update the shipping address, review your order
  10. To confirm your order, click “Place your order” at the bottom of the page

When you are shopping be sure you on “AmazonSmile” and not Amazon”, by checking the domain in the left-hand corner.

If you need assistance, please contact Amazon at 888-280-4331