Home Study

Real talk about adoption.  Beginning the home study process can be a bit intimidating for families as they start their journey of adoption. Some are worried about what might be asked, if they will be judged, or what kind of paperwork they will need to gather. The...

Real Love in Real Life

A KidsFirst birth mom shares her story of choosing Real Love in Real Life. Kandice chose the most selfless love when she placed her three daughters for adoption so they could have the opportunities she did not have in life.

Are you prepared for international adoption?

We see so many prospective parents with such a huge heart for international adoption, and there are some questions you need to ask to make sure you’re prepared. Here we break it all down.

How KidsFirst Came To Be

   How KidsFirst Came To Be  KidsFirst was born from a dream to help a child. When I would soon graduate from the Indiana University Masters in Social Work program, I was introduced to a humanitarian agency in Washington, D.C. that helped children from...