Involvement with DCS is always stressful and anxiety provoking for families. Every parent loves their child and tries to do whatever they can to provide stability and care. Life is not always simple, though, and often previous deprivations, trauma, or lack of family support create a difficult beginning that young women and families can’t get out. It becomes especially stressful when DCS gets involved.

As a parent, YOU have a say

We strongly believe that every parent knows in their heart whether they are able or not able to parent. If you are a parent who knows they cannot parent their child and provide to them what each child should have- stability, emotional availability, good nutrition, proper education, and time to get to know your child and who they are, an adoption plan is an option. Many women and families don’t know that even when they are confronted by DCS, they do have a choice. They do have an option to choose a fully-approved adoptive family who will parent their child. Let us explain how that time frame works.

If you are contacted by DCS:

  • Take the card of the DCS worker
  • Contact KidsFirst at (317) 518-3032
    • We recommend contacting us before DCS removal or right away after it happens
  • We will provide profiles of fully approved adoptive families who are ready to step in right away
  • We will schedule a meeting with your preferred family
  • We will call DCS worker after you choose a family and explain to them that you have decided an adoption plan
  • We will provide all the necessary documents of the adoptive family to DCS on your behalf
  • DSC will begin evaluating adoptive family’s stability and no longer biological family’s

Children who do not grow up with permanency and consistent care and who experience early childhood trauma deal with the long-term effects of their trauma into adulthood. It is the obligation of every parent to provide stability for their child, or if they know they cannot, to provide a permanency plan for their child and know that their child is getting every opportunity in life to become a happy and independent adult.